Have you stuck with your Resolution??

It’s May, summer is right around the corner and by now many of us have probably deviated from our New Years resolution. Four out of five people break their resolutions and nearly a third do not make it beyond January. If you have made it this far, pat yourself on the back, you are the minority. If you have not adhered to your promise, maybe its time to get back on track, the year is young! Often our resolutions are too vague, expressing a general desire rather than a specific goal. Broad desires to lose weight and exercise more will not get you into the gym. More than one resolution at a time can be overwhelming and lead to not following any.  Narrow your focus. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Simplify and make realistic day to day goals.

“I will go to the gym every other day for 30 minutes.” – This is a reasonable goal. Committing to exercising everyday for an hour is never going to happen all at once. Start off slow.

“I will improve the health and calorie content of one meal a day.” – Don’t deprive yourself of what you enjoy. Instead make small changes in just one meal a day to slowly improve your health and the amount of calories you consume daily.

“I’m going to walk more and take the stairs.” – Buy a pedometer. Studies show those who wear a pedometer and are aware of how many steps they take a day tend to walk more than they would have with out it. Skip the elevator and take the stairs.

These simple modifications day to day can add up to pounds lost or gained per year. It’s not too late to start the year off right.