"Doing Work" with Coach Dos - Metabolic Conditioning

Two weekends ago I attended a great seminar on Cardio Strength Training with renowned strength and conditioning coach, Robert Dos Remedios. The concept of cardio strength training is not new for many fitness professionals, but Dos was nice enough to share his own spin on things, which has proven to be an excellent way to boost work capacity and cut fat. If you still think traditional cardio is the most effective tool for boosting VO2 capacity, and maintaining or cutting weight, you are ignoring the research and science. Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption(EPOC) is elevated for several hours, if not days, after a high intensity interval or conditioning circuit. As your body works to return back to resting oxygen levels, you metabolism is on fire, burning pounds of stored energy (fat cells). Below is one of many circuits I like to use as a litmus test for my clients endurance. Try 1 round of this at the end of your strength training session to finish off any lingering glycogen stores, or use this circuit for several rounds in between strength training days as a conditioning workout. Enjoy!

15R kettlebell swings

15R unilateral kettlebell snatch

15R kettlbell goblet squat

15R kettlbell renegade rows