Shape up your Swing

Spring is here and so is golf season. Whether you are striving to advance through the competitive ranks, simply trying to take a couple of strokes off your game, or endure an injury free season, participating in a well designed strength and conditioning program can significantly improve your performance. Plexus Fitness is at your service to provide the functional, sport-specific training you need to play your best this season.

The golf swing is a complex movement that puts joints under a high amount of stress, especially the lower back, wrists, and elbows. A mechanically efficient golf swing requires a combination of flexibility, strength and balance. Functional exercise training is proven to be useful to improve joint stability, balance, muscular coordination, strength, and endurance in both healthy and injured athletes of all ages. Athletes of all skill levels can benefit from these performance related components of fitness.

At Train Daly we give special attention to assessing flexibility, core stabilization, balance, and functional strength to properly initiate and progress a specific program for your needs throughout the season. Let us help you get a head start on the season. Please call 347-850-DALY or email to schedule a complimentary needs based fitness assessment and goal consultation. Remember to continue to check our Blog Daly for the latest in golf training and other health related topics.