"Dan Daly's expert swim coaching has given me the confidence and skill set that I've needed to become a swimmer- a skill I never learned as a kid and have taken up in my early 40s.   One of the best coaches/trainers around- his accolades are well deserved.  Dan is patient- committed- motivating and encouraging- and has a great sense of humor making the experience fun- stress free- and successful.   In a relatively short time I've seen significant improvement and without Dan's coaching- I would have quit one week in.   Dan's the man!"

- Mike Lubin - Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

"I started working with Dan about a year ago when I turned 40, had a mid life crisis (ish) and wanted to get serious about my health and fitness. With Dan's guidance, I changed not only my body, but my state of mind. He's much more than just a trainer, he offers holistic coaching for all areas of your life. I was constantly impressed by his knowledge and expertise across so many disciplines - from anatomy and movement, to diet and nutrition, to recovery and mindfulness. He's patient, extremely clear, sets realistic (but challenging) goals, highly communicative and smart. He's extremely focused on helping people get to their goals and has no ego - he's introduced me to so many great specialists within his network (body workers, nutritionist, yoga, meditation) all in service of helping my succeed. And it's amazing to see his range of clients - from uber fit athletes (not me) to regular people who want to become uber fit athletes (me). He's the real deal."

- Aaron Kennedy - Managing Director

“Dan coached me remotely for an endurance swim event (10K open-water swim). I hadn't swam seriously since high school, and Dan put together a challenging program than allowed me to swim the event well. Dan has extensive coaching expertise and education, and I'll be continuing to have him coach me in the future.”

- Tom Bell - Systems Engineer - Lockheed Martin

Dan is the best trainer I've ever had. He is very serious and persistent. After 4 months of intensive training, the results are amazing. Lost weight, built muscles, quit smoking and feeling great! Can't wait to see the results in the next 4 months." 

- David Rubin - Legal Professional

“Dan stoked the fire in me to become strong. As an "Extreme" athlete, it is imperative that I be in top physical health when engaging in any of my top three sports. As a surfer, licensed skydiver and snowboarder for over 16 years, I have never performed better and stronger than when well prepared physically with Dan. In sports where it is inevitable that you will get hurt, its nice to know that your body is as strong as it can be.” March 2012

-  Justin Hollander - Vice President - Marin Management Corp.

"As someone who has a chronic disease, for almost two decades now, I can say first hand that my reliance on the medical profession has decreased dramatically in the past several years, since training with Dan. Like Jeremy Lin's transformation, it may not have happened overnight, but Dan's persistence in making me think about how to best fit diet and exercise into my life has been transformational. I am fortunate not to have any severe flares since we have been together, and part of that may be just good luck, but I firmly believe that a good part of that is due to his influence on my overall health." February 2012

- Edward J. Kennelly, Ph.D. - Professor - Department of Biological Sciences - Lehman College

"Dan is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers I've met. His passion to stay on top of the research and studies in the fitness industry makes him one of the best trainers for anyone who's looking to improve their quality of life. His drive and dedication are truly inspiring" December 2010

-  Gibson Kim - Tier 3 Personal Trainer - Equinox

"Dan is an amazingly knowledgeable and friendly personal trainer. He made working out challenging and fun and created strength training routines that really maximized our time together. His overall approach, with training & nutrition information, assisted me with making a lifestyle change that has helped me lose weight and build my confidence in the gym. He also emailed me all of our workouts and created additional workouts that I could do on my own. I really like the fact that I can continue with my progress beyond our sessions together. I also love that Dan was patient and thorough and available to answer questions even after our training had finished. Dan is a wonderful professional and I truly value the experience that I had with him." November 2010

- Teresa Stewart - Administrative Professional

"As a mother of four, I did not have time to make it to a gym often.  Dan helped me get back to my prebaby weight four times over by designing an at home workout schedule utilizing the minimal equipment that I have at my home.  He stressed the importance of diversity to keep me motivated- (a few workouts even included the baby as weights).  Dan also helped me stay in shape during my pregnancies.  I was always impressed with his (clearly researched) knowledge of limitations of pregnant  (and post pregnant) women and workarounds that will give me the results that I want.   His nutritional advice kept me on track to getting back into my jeans.  Dan kept it fun and was a pleasure to work with." November 2010

- Marie Sung - Homemaker, Mother of 4

"As an accomplished collegiate athlete and top trainer for the premier health club in NYC, a combination of experience and expertise make Dan Daly one of the most highly referred fitness professionals for my clients. I trust Dan to bring me the latest pertinent information as new research is released, and I always find his insight valuable." September 2010

- Frank J. Baptiste - Founder  - Frankly Fitness

“Dan brings a fresh approach to personal training that delivers results. He creates tailored plans based on your objectives with a focus on total health. Truly a cut above and the consummate professional. I highly recommend Dan.” September 2010

- Chris Holdren - Senior Vice President, Starwood Preferred Guest & Global Web - Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

"Dan has a knack for staying ahead of trends and always staying up with the latest in health and wellness. His clients, some of whom I have personally worked with in the past, are always satisfied and continually seeing results. Great trainer!" September 2010

- Thomas Weaver Jr - Founder - Project Personal Trainer.com

"Dan has helped me discover new ways to diet and train using unconventional methods over the last 10 years. The workout routines he writes for me are easy to follow, and execute, plus I always see immediate results. He's been a very positive influence on my life when it comes to helping me live a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend his services to anyone that wants to get into shape fast!" August 2010

- Daniel Istvan - Support and Training Manager - AceCad Software, Inc.‎

"A year ago, I had been plateaued on my stale routine that I was stuck in since college. Dan showed me how to start seeing results again, most of all by knowing more about nutrition. He has shown me how to vary my workouts, and even just making simple changes, it's impressive how much more I get out of them. He has an unusual ability to communicate what true fitness is about and he has the patience to make sure I get it right. He's a genuine guy and he takes the time to explain the 'how' and the 'why' behind everything. I'm glad I know him!‎" July 2010

- Nicholas C. Byrnes - Citi

"Dan has shown me how to workout smarter, not harder. After swimming in college, I no longer had time to train 4 hours a day, but wanted to maintain the same level of fitness. Through an improved diet and smarter workout routine, Dan has shown me how to maximize my time and results in less time. His training is (abs)olutely results oriented. In many ways, I'm fitter now than I was at the peak of my swimming career.‎" July 2010

- Eszter Balazs - Asphalt Green - Aquatics

"Working out with Dan through college was the foundation that led to the healthy lifestyle I have today. He was always extremely passionate about lifting, but never neglected the other essential areas of general well-being such as stretching, cardio, and diet.  Thanks to Dan, I've been in great shape since college and learned to be passionate as well, finding new workouts and exercises that make fitness anything but a chore and keep the results coming. I've been commended in the gym on both my form and overall routine, and I have only Dan to thank for that. I was always pushing myself to the limit under his supervision and never thought I could come as far as I have today." July 2010

- Tanner Smith - Photographer - TannerPhoto.com

“Dan is an excellent training professional. Our sessions were always varied but targeted to the specific areas we both agreed needed to be toned and strengthened. Dan also helped me to reduce a lot of stress by incorporating yoga into our routine. But most important is that people can’t believe I am in such great shape for my age. Thanks Dan!!!!!!” June 2010

- Merle Greene - President - Jonathan Roberts Associates Inc.

“Dan's friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere for achieving results. His attention to correct form, and insightful explanations, motivates one to exercise more efficiently. Each cleint's personalized regiment is creative and challenging, but most importantly, fun. As a result of training with Dan, I have more energy and my balance & flexibility have improved immensely.” January 2010

- Michael Dellapina - Human Resources Business Partner - Citi

“Dan was an outstanding trainer for our company. He always went the extra distance to achieve the best for our clients. He is greatly missed as a top trainer in our company.” November 2009

- Matt Vahey - Director of Fitness Operations - Plexus Fitness

“Dan was a pleasure to work with as a personal trainer. Not only did I see great results but also had a lot of fun working with him. I hated to see him move on.” June 2009

- Jeff Rollins - Director Patria Services

“Dan is a great trainer. He consistently shows up with a plan tailored to my needs. He brings a great attitude, a strong work ethic and a comprehensive understanding of fitness routines designed to get results. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.” June 2009

-  Mike Newbold - Business Intelligence Executive - Bank of America

“Dan is a very knowledgeable and professional personal trainer who does a superb job tailoring to his client's individual needs. As a colleague, Dan, was a great resource to discuss fitness topics and was a pleasure to work with.” June 2009

- Maggie Giddens - Personal Trainer - Plexus Fitness

".......As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I have been impressed by Dan's knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and his insistence on scientific data to support his recommendations. I am often amazed that an offhand remark that I made during a session has been researched and answered by the next session......He has a great grasp of the membership and is in demand as a trainer by a wide variety of members with vastly different personalities, ages, and needs. He is able to instruct motivate, and connect with this diverse group of individuals.....[Dan] has a very bright future ahead of him and will be successful in any endeavor that he chooses to pursue." May 2009

- David Solocoff, MD